Smart Power for Businesses

Light the Way to a Brighter Future for your Business with EnerghxPlus Of course, electricity doesn’t just power the lights at your business. It’s critical to an always-up-and-running IT infrastructure, machinery and equipment and a long list of other power requirements, many unique to your business. Energhx has responded with EnerghxPlus, an energy-savings-and-overhead-reduction software that is as unique as the needs of your business. Because your business is considered a low-volume consumer of electricity, you’re subject to the increase in the market price of electricity. As EnerghxPlus users, you can now enrol for Energhx Power on your electricity account. You are then qualified to receive consistent energy-saving opportunities, based on the simulation of your historical consumption and the rating of your energy appliances. It’s So Easy to Go Smart! It only takes minutes to become an Energhx customer and start to save on your electric bill with our EnerghxPlus by upgrading from the Basic service to the Standard service with net-zero energy management opportunities. Here are some of the benefits of enrolling our Smart Power for Businesses: • Your business continues to receive electricity from your local distribution company (LDC). • EnerghxPlus provides you with consistent energy management opportunities and recommendations with guaranteed energy savings. • One bill every month from your local utility. No separate billing from Energhx. • Free-installation of retrofits and new energy-saving appliances by certified installers.

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