The future of industrial growth at your facility and those yet to be built – is clearly dependent on utilizing energy resources that minimize or eliminate the pollution from fossil fuels. For countries and industries around the globe, 21st century economic success means both reducing everyone’s carbon footprint and powering everyone’s lives and businesses with clean, sustainable energy.
Using EnerghxPlus, different renewable energy conversion technologies can be integrated with accurate exergy analysis of its processes. Energhx is presently integrating hybrid conversion of solar, wind, and biomass energies to supply alternative power for the deployment of electric vehicles at the University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.
These and other methods will produce the data needed to reduce your energy use today and develop industrial green energy projects for the future. A customized EnerghxPlus for your industry will analyze:
• How, where and when you use heat.
• Your energy costs and how you can achieve cost savings.
• The structural characteristics of your facility that may contribute to poor energy use.
• Levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through industrial wastes.
• Internal energy management and monitoring.


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