Enhanced Heat Recovery

Realize the Promise of Enhanced Heat Recovery for your Facility and Real Cost Savings…Delivered by Energhx
Waste heat constitutes significant source of energy loss in industries…and Energhx is one of the few energy consortiums that have the turnkey system to help you convert more of your facility’s waste heat to reusable heat. EnerghxPlus offers the platform for the design and development of advanced reheat and regenerative heat systems. Determining precisely how to make your industrial facility more energy efficient and how to help you pay less for energy use is what we’ll learn from a comprehensive energy audit. It includes careful monitoring of your industrial processes with a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool and an analytical process integration (PI) technique. These tools are plugged-in with EnerghxPlus to deliver a customized industrial energy management system to you.
These and other methods will produce the data needed to reduce your energy use today and develop industrial green energy projects for the future. A customized EnerghxPlus for your industry will analyze:
• How, where and when you use heat.
• Your energy costs and how you can achieve cost savings.
• The structural characteristics of your facility that may contribute to poor energy use.
• Levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through industrial wastes.
• Internal energy management and monitoring.


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