Smart Gas for Businesses

Maximize Business Productivity…Reduce Natural Gas Costs with EnerghxPlus!
Many industrial processes and commercial applications need a constant, reliable, and affordable natural gas supply. Without it, you’d likely have to send your employees home and lock the doors. However, with EnerghxPlus, your business is protected from the impact of fluctuations in the market price of natural gas.
With EnerghxPlus, you’ll be able to minimize the effect of the increase in the market price of natural gas as regulated by the government’s Feed-in-Tariff programs. Energhx believes you deserve to be protected from increased natural gas prices… by upgrading from the Basic service to the Standard service with net-zero energy management opportunities. Choose Green Natural Gas with Just One Click on EnerghxPlus!
Saving on your natural gas bill is so easy and convenient when you download EnerghxPlus. You don’t have to do a thing more… Energhx will do all the work, including:
• Your business continues to receive natural gas from your local distribution company (LDC).
• EnerghxPlus provides you with consistent energy management opportunities and recommendations with guaranteed energy savings.
• One bill every month from your local utility. No separate billing from Energhx.
• Free-installation of retrofits and new energy-saving appliances by certified installers.

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